Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement

How to measure Blood Pressure accurately by Automated Electronic Devices

Modern automated BP recording devices are now widely available through Online shopping sites. The following points need to be kept in mind while using these devices for BP recording.

Position of person:

Sitting upright, back supported, feet flat on ground, arm supported on a table horizontally at approximately the middle of the chest.


For persons on BP medications, the best time for recording is when the next dose of medicine is due.

Don’t measure BP within ½ an hour of smoking, coffee, tea or meals.

Don’t measure BP if the bladder is full, you are anxious, or having a headache or disturbing pain anywhere in the body. The results are likely to be higher.

Cuff size:

Bladder length should be ideally >80% of the circumference of the arm.

Cuff width should be >1/2 of the length of the arm (elbow to shoulder).

Small sized cuff tends to overestimate BP. Large size does not matter too much.

Other pointers:

The person should be sitting quietly for 5 mins before measurement.

Measure 3 or 4 times in case of high readings at an interval of 3-5 mins till last 2 readings are similar. The lowest readings are usually the most accurate!