Prevent Swine Flu

How to prevent Swine flu:

Take vaccines. These vaccines keep undergoing changes depending on the current viruses. Since it takes 6 months to produce a vaccine, the vaccine available now is based on the likely viral types as seems most likely from last influenza season.

Children > 6 months of age, older adults >65 yrs, pregnant woman, asthmatics, Chronic liver, heart and kidney disease patients, those suffering from neurological illnesses should certainly take vaccines.

Treatment with antiviral drugs are recommended in all these cases as they suffer more complications.

Health care workers are more likely to come in contact with flu patients and should be vaccinated.

Personal protective measures:

Stay away from people suffering from infectious respiratory illness.

Wash hands often with soap and water or if not available alcohol based solutions.

Do not touch eyes, mouth or nose often.

Use a handkerchief or tissue during sneezing or coughing. Disposable tissues are better.

After an episode of fever do not go to school or work place till the temperature is normal for > 1 day without antipyretics.