Our Kidneys

Our Kidneys

Common Questions

  • Are both my kidneys affected?

Ans. Most diseases involve both kidney diseases simultaneously. Exceptions are obstructions in one kidney or ureter, the tumor of one kidney, injury to one kidney or ureter, infections confined to one kidney etc.

However, some people may be born with only one kidney!

  • Have both my kidneys failed?

Ans. If the urea and creatinine are high, it means both kidneys are functioning less. If one kidney function is normal, urea and creatinine are usually not elevated.

  • Will the kidney function recover with dialysis?

Ans:     Dialysis does not improve kidney function. It is a substitute for some of the kidney functions. In acute kidney injuries, dialysis may buy time and allow the kidneys to start functioning again. In Chronic kidney disease, unless there are some reversible elements, the kidney function will not only not recover but the residual function will also decrease with time.

  • Do kidney donors lead a normal life? Can they do heavy work?

Ans:     After the nephrectomy operation, recovery takes about 2 to 3 months. Once the muscle scars have healed well, the donors can lead a normal life.